STAINMASTER® Splendor™ DuraPlush® foam is a premium carpet cushion option with an exclusive textured design to enhance comfort underfoot. Splendor also provides a breathable moisture barrier for increased protection of carpet in residential homes.


  • DuraPlush Foam Technology
    • Adds superior cushioning and a rich fullness underfoot
    • Ensures durability and long-lasting beauty of carpet
  • Exclusive textured design provides amazing comfort
  • Premium Protection
    • Breathable moisture barrier keeps most common household spills out of the cushion while allowing damaging water vapor from below to evaporate
    • Fresh Dimension® treatment helps to resist mold and mildew in the cushion**
  • Hypoallergenic
  • CRI Green Label Plus-certified for indoor air quality
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contributes toward achieving LEED® building credits
  • Insulates home for better energy efficiency
  • Reduces noise for a quieter, more enjoyable home
  • Life-of-the-Home warranty with additional StairGuard™ protection


Product Code: BZ0356
Thickness: 0.500”
R-value: 2.22
FHA Class: 2
Roll Size: 6' x 45' (30 yd²)
Cushion Color: Teal
  • FHA/HUD/VA (UM72a per ASTM D3574)
  • CRI Green Label Plus
Premium Protection:
  • Breathable moisture barrier
  • Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial
  • **No health claims made.