UNI-LOC™ carpet cushion is designed for commercial areas with heavy foot traffic and can help extend carpet life while reducing noise. UNI-LOC™ is easy to install, and can be done using the double-glue or conventional installation method.


  • Dramatically reduces carpet wear and extends appearance retention
  • Helps reduce body stress and fatigue
  • Eliminates re-stretch problems – reduces seam-peaking
  • Ideal for rolling traffic and ADA installations
  • Excellent acoustical properties for noise reduction
  • Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial treatment
  • Provides insulation for energy efficiency
  • Smart alternative to direct glue-down
  • Easy installation even with complex patterns, inserts, and borders
  • Contributes toward achieving LEED® building credits
  • Manufactured from recycled and recyclable material


Application: Commercial Use
Density: 10 +/- 5%
Roll Size: 40 yd²
Product Codes:
BZ0075 BZ0076
Material Type: Rebond
0.156” +/- 0.020” 0.25” +/ - 0.020”
Color: Black
Dimension: 6’ x 60’
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Indoor Air Quality: Certified
Antimicrobial: Yes
Recyclable Content: 100%
Warranty: Commercial