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As the largest manufacturer of carpet cushion and flooring underlayment in the United States, we have a unique opportunity to service our partners with a complete line of underlayment products that meets the needs of the ever-growing flooring market.

Show & Tell

Because carpet cushion is used under carpet, it is best to showcase the product in a way that gives the consumer the opportunity to experience the cushion.

With our Show & Tell display, your customers will see and feel the difference between products, helping them see the value in a higher-quality pad. It has been proven to deliver better sales through upgraded cushion.

Aided by sophisticated consumer research, Show & Tell resulted in an effective selling strategy that’s shockingly simple. We then tested the program in carpet stores across the country, and the results were astounding – 71% of consumers opted for a carpet cushion upgrade!

The Show & Tell display can be tailored to your store’s needs: select one, two, or three product choices, and one of five branding options.

Want the Show & Tell display in your store? Simply contact your Leggett sales rep for more information.

Don’t have a Leggett sales rep yet? Simply complete our contact form and we will be in touch within two business days.

Show and Tell Display